Monday, 25 May 2009

Summer Highlights 2009

Our 2009 summer catalogue is out now. If you do not receive a copy, you can sign up to our mailing list here.
A Lifetime of Wisdom, Joni Eareckson Tada reflects on the forty years since a diving accident left her paralysed for life. "Was it a fair exchange, my freedom and no wheelchair for the rubies of wisdom I've been given? Absolutely. In this I have learned at the feet of the Lord Jesus, embracing the way God heals us, even when we rage at Him in anger, fear and despair."

Tell Me The Story. Paul Davis has written the authorised biography of George Beverly Shea, who has sung to more than 220 million people during a lifetime of faithful witness in gospel song.

The A.W. Tozer Collection. A boxed set containing ten of Tozer's classic works including The Knowledge of the Holy and The Pursuit of God. Also released this month are two books by James L. Snyder, In Pursuit of God, a biography of Tozer, and The Christ Centred Church, previously unpublished material from Tozer's archives.

No Lang Tae Go, a brand new album from The Low Country Boys, Ulster-Scots, old-time hillbilly gospel music.

Has Science Buried God? DVD Following their historical God Delusion debate, John Lennox and Richard Dawkins debate once again before a live audience in the auspicious Oxford Museum of Natural History. Also available on dvd is a debate at the Edinburgh Festival between John Lennox and Christopher Hitchens, Can Atheism Save Europe?