Wednesday, 31 March 2010

New Arrivals 31.03.10

We have some exciting arrivals, just in this week:

The Man Sent From God, a biography of John The Baptist by Samuel W. Jennings

An Exposition of Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon by James B. Currie.

Take Three, the latest novel by Karen Kingsbury.

50 Golden Hymns, a 3 cd boxed set of classic hymns.

Symphony of Praise, 3 cds of beautiful, uplifting music by the Prague Symphony Orchestra.

Just a reminder that we are closed on easter Monday and Tuesday. All other days are normal shop hours.

When Ruth (with Naomi) staggered into Bethlehem broken, disillusioned and helpless, the Bible says it was "in the beginning of barley harvest". That is the time of the feast of firstfruits. What Ruth needed was a man full of life, vigour and resources to meet her need. Paul says that Christ is the firstfruits for the believer. Every believer has not only the guarantee of resurrection but a living, powerful Christ with resources to meet all our needs.

We wish all our customers a happy Easter season.

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