Monday, 23 August 2010

Book of the Week: Cosmos, Creator & Human Destiny

This excuse-shattering exposé of Darwin and Dawkins is the Dave Hunt magnum opus you’ve been waiting (and praying) for! Each of Dave’s seminal works—whether on occultism, Catholicism, Calvinism, ecumenism, Islam, or cosmic evolution, have all been, at the time of their publication, his “most important work to date”—and this 608-page refutation of Darwinian evolution (as championed by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and today’s aggressive “New Atheists”) is no exception. As Dave has repeatedly said throughout the production of Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny, “This is not the book I set out to write.” For one reason, it is not an exhaustive scientific treatise dealing purely with innumerable physical evidences. Neither is it a micro-focused academic volume that requires a degree in astrophysics to understand. Rather, Cosmos is a book that every Christian can and should read; comforting and confidence-boosting for believers, convicting and catastrophic to the skeptic’s worldview. It is a soul-arresting work that strikes to the heart of the human condition and man-centered philosophy. With shatterproof logic, it turns the arguments of atheists upon themselves, while at the same time graciously illuminating the irrefutable evidence of providence and design in every “corner” of the cosmos. The countless quotes of leading scientists and atheists (used in their original context) are alone worth the price of this lovingly written and beautifully presented hardcover. Seasoned creation-science readers will recognize that this book is intentionally “non-creationist” in appearance. Missing (by design) are the usual prolific endorsements of leading conservative evangelicals, which Dave’s impeccable research and reasoning generally garner. Even the jacket copy has been carefully crafted to pique the interest of the atheist, agnostic, or skeptic. The reason is simple: though the book is being sold primarily through distribution channels catering to Christians, Dave personally wants to give scoffers, skeptics, and non-believers every reason to pick up the book and crack it open. This magnificent hardcover volume was designed to reach your friend, neighbor, co-worker, brother, sister, mother, father, teacher, and professor with reason, logic, passion, and compassion. But make no mistake: Though Dave’s unique approach will hold the attention of ardent critics, this book is also an indispensable armory for the serious high school, college/career, and adult believer. And, as one can expect from a Dave Hunt book, the author does not avoid the Scriptures but skillfully weaves the historicity of God’s Word and the gospel throughout, with unmistakable clarity and conviction. Outside of God’s Word, there seems to be increasingly few books that merit small-group study these days—but in a world increasingly hostile to the truth that “sets one free” and which may be “clearly seen,” Cosmos is one of those you’ll want to read, share, and prayerfully consider using for your home, church, or college/career study group.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Cambridge Cameo Bible

We have just received into stock the new editions of the famous and much loved Cameo Reference Bibles by Cambridge University Press.

The beauty of the Cambridge Cameo Bible is its solution to the age-old problem of providing readable type in a book of manageable size. The Cameo was originally produced in the 1920s for letterpress printing and is now re-issued in response to continued consumer interest, in a new range of binding styles.

The print image has been enhanced, so while the text has the same familiar layout and the original Petit Medieval Clarendon type, it is now sharper than in recent printings.

There is a new range of binding styles. Top of the range is the goatskin Bible, with art-gilt edges as well as a superb edge-lined goatskin cover.

All the Bibles have a concordance and 15 colour maps. The text has pronunciation marks and red-letter text.

  • India paper
  • 15 colour maps
  • red-letter text
  • two ribbon markers
  • concordance
  • gilt or art-gilt edges
  • pronunciation mark
Sample text

Four bindings available:
KJV Black Imitation Leather
KJV Brown Calfskin Leather
KJV Black Calf split Leather
KJV Black Goatskin Leather

Monday, 16 August 2010

Book of the Week: In Japan The Crickets Cry

by Ronald Clements and Steve Metcalf.

Steve had suffered under the brutal regime of his Japanese guards. He and his classmates at Chefoo school in China had been interned in 1942. Resentment of the Japanese was a way of life. Could he possibly pray for them? He could. At the end of the war the China Inland Mission was seeking young men willing to go to Japan . Steve trained, packed and went. Thus began Steve's lifelong love of Japan. Over the years he would tussle with a culture where courtesy wins over truth; where suicide is an honourable choice; where to be foreign is to be forever alien. Time after time he would encounter miracles of healing, provision, and protection as God looked after him, his wife Evelyn and their growing family. In a resistant culture he would see many come to Christ.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Book of the Week: Be Holy

This book is a clarion call for all Christians to follow their Master's command and to Be Holy. In the world of today, where holiness is set aside and considered outdated, the vital truth of holy living by the Christian has never been more relevant. Christlikeness produces holiness, and Mr MacDonald stresses its importance as he looks at every area of the Christian life. This book makes compelling and searching reading for those who are serious about obeying The Forgotten Command: Be Holy.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Book of the Week: Taming The Tiger

by Tony Anthony.

From The Depths Of Hell To The Heights Of Glory

Tony Anthony knew no fear. Three-times world Kung Fu Champion, he was self-assured, powerful and at the pinnacle of his art. An extraordinary career awaited him. Working in the higher echelons of close protection security, he travelled the globe, guarding some of the world's wealthiest, most powerful and influential people.

This fast paced, compelling and at times chilling account is Tony's deeply moving true story. More extraordinary than fantasy, more remarkable than fiction, this blockbusting read almost defies belief.