Monday, 1 November 2010

Crimond Classics

from Crimond House Publications.

We are launching a new series of books under our publishing imprint, Crimond House Publications. We are kicking off later this month with three classic reprints. We shall describe these books in successive blog posts. We have been working very hard over the summer on these titles and each of them have been re-typeset for a fresh, modern look.
The titles are:
Cannibalism Conquered: John G. Paton and Alexander MacKay
City of the Seven Hills by Henry Grattan Guinness.

About Crimond House
In 2005, after much encouragement from friends, we decided to reprint an old classic novel, long out of print, called The Watchers on the Longships. It is the story of the effects of the Wesleyan Revival in a small Cornish village. In January 2008, we were proud to be able to make available again the treasured Two Version Bible, the Authorized Version with the Revised Version in the margin. It is continued our aim, from time to time, to reissue selected books which, tapping the treasures of a previous era, will benefit today's readership.

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