Friday, 24 December 2010


We would like to wish you all every blessing for Christmas and the coming year and thank you all for your support and custom throughout 2010.

In the midst of frozen pipes, icy roads and dead car batteries, it's time to turn our thoughts to home, family, love, gifts and spending time together.

But, above that, we can turn our thoughts to the greatest gift ever given and the greatest expression of love ever shown, when the One who made the world came into the world, with one object: to give Himself for us.

So, sit back, enjoy the season. Think of the greatest gift ever given, given by God Himself. And think that one day, the One who was given the outside place shall be acknowledged Lord of all.

Happy Christmas.
The AEB Team.

P.s., perhaps we could also remind you of our Holiday opening hours.

Christmas Eve: closing at 4.30pm
Christmas Day: closed
Monday 27th: closed
Tuesday 28th: 10:00 - 4:00pm
New Year's Eve: closing at 4:30pm
New Year's Day: closed

All other days are normal hours

Monday, 6 December 2010

Book of the Week: City of the Seven Hills

by Henry Grattan Guinness.

You have never read a book like this before. At once majestic poetry, sweeping history and stirring devotional, it is a masterpiece which would become any bookshelf. At heart, it is a history of Rome in poetic form, from the beginnings of the Empire through to its ultimate fate in the book of Revelation.
The poetry on the life of Christ is among the most sublime and Christ-exalting poetry you will ever read. An extensive appendix at the back of the book provides historical evidences for all author's verse and his accounts of the suffering of the martyrs will stir the heart of any reader.
The poem culminates with the final victory and vindication of the Lord Jesus.

Read this sample poetry from the book:
Though at His bidding winds and waves were still,
Though earth and heaven but waited on His will,
Yet all for us He wandered in the wild,
Of pain the heir, of poverty the child.
O never did there bloom beneath the skies
So fair a flower as this; nor mortal eyes
Behold the perfect loveliness of grace,
Without a shadow - save in Jesus' face.