Friday, 5 August 2011

The Shunning DVD & other new releases

A brand new Amish feature film dvd is being released in September. Based on the bestselling novel by Beverly Lewis which was written from the author's own familyexperience.

All her life Katie Lapp has longed for the forbidden things, but will her dreams come at a price too dear to pay? Why would Katie’s mother, a plain and simple Amish-woman who embraces the old ways, hide a beautiful satin baby dress in the attic? The staggering answers come on the
eve of Katie’s wedding to widower, Bishop John Beiler, with the arrival of a beautiful “Englisher” woman who has been searching for her, throwing Katie’s life - present and future - into confusion.

The Shunning DVD rrp £13.99 our price £11.99

Other recent releases include:

Cyber Meltdown by Ron Rhodes. This compelling resource provides the truth behind the technology and its likely role in God’s plan for the future. rrp £8.99 our price £7.99

Behold Your God. New from Precious Seed Publications. A series of articles on the godhead. £4.50

Who Is The Antichrist by Mark Hitchcock.
Bestselling Bible prophecy expert Mark Hitchcock looks to the one source readers can trust—the Bible—and answers the questions everyone is asking. rrp £8.99 our price £7.99

Growing Up Amish by Ira Wagler.
A vivid portrait of Amish life. rrp £9.99 our price £8.99

Don't forget all these products are post free in the U.K.

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