Monday, 21 November 2011

Book of the Week: The Crises of the Christ

by G. Campbell Morgan.

This volume is a series of studies on the person of Christ, written when the author was just forty years of age. Reading it many years later he said "I wouldn't change a word of it." You will gain more insight into the character and work of "the second Man", "the Lord out of heaven," through seven key events in Christ's life, His:

* Birth
* Baptism
* Temptation
* Transfiguration
* Crucifixion
* Resurrection
* Ascension

"These (crises) … contain the whole story of that work by which redemption has been wrought for the race. Each of them ushered in a new order of things in the work of Christ, crowning that of the past, and creating the force for that which was to come. All these lie between two facts, which must be considered. The first is that of the ruin of the race, which created the necessity for the work of the Christ. The second is that of the redemption of the race, which issues from the work of the Christ. A preliminary section of this volume will be devoted to the ruin which called for Christ, and a final section to the statement of that redemption which constitutes His answer to the call. Thus with reverence, and a deep sense of its transcendent wonder, let the great subject be approached." - from the introduction

Morgan's classic work on seven key events in the life of Christ: His birth, baptism, temptation, trasfiguration, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension.

"Whenever you find a book by Morgan, buy it and study it." - Warren W. Wiersbe.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Book of the Week: I Want You To Do Something

the amazing life and great ministry of Dr. Bill Woods.

Our world is in desperate need of authentic and selfless role models. We need genuine and living illustrations in real flesh and blood, men and women of biblical faith and Christ-like service, examples we can follow. Such present day heroes and heroines inspire us to do better in our service for Christ, dig deeper in our study of God's Word, stand taller in our witness for the Saviour and climb higher in the realms of faith.

The biography of Dr. Bill Woods gives us such a role model. Born, reared and educated in Belfast, Bill went to Brazil's Amazon as a missionary, became overwhelmed with the suffering of thousands and dedicated to his life to relieve that suffering. En route to reach his goals Bill also suffered and paid a great price of loneliness which his dedication demanded. His work has been acclaimed by medical and civil authorities both in Latin America and the United Kingdom. This book will touch and inspire you and at times will make you laugh or cry.

Buy now.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Book of the Week: Miracle In The Mine

On October 13, 2010, millions of television viewers on five continents literally stopped everything to watch the amazing rescue of 33 men trapped underground in the mine of San José de Copiapó in northern Chile. What had seemed at first a hopeless tragedy later became a triumph of human effort, courage, perseverance, and expertise. For 17 excruciating days no one knew whether any of the miners had survived the collapse of the mine shaft, nor were the surviving miners aware of any rescue attempts. They spent a total of 69 days trapped underground. And it was there, in that frightening cavern, that one man took on the responsibility of encouraging the others and use the tragedy as an opportunity to share his faith. Miracle in the Mine is the story of José Henríquez. The testimony of a man who was no stranger to danger even before he found himself trapped 2,300 feet under the earth in the San José mine. A man who has unequivocally demonstrated his integrity, courage, and moral strength both before, during, and after the mining accident, and who is now using this experience to inspire the world.