Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Book of the Week: I Want You To Do Something

the amazing life and great ministry of Dr. Bill Woods.

Our world is in desperate need of authentic and selfless role models. We need genuine and living illustrations in real flesh and blood, men and women of biblical faith and Christ-like service, examples we can follow. Such present day heroes and heroines inspire us to do better in our service for Christ, dig deeper in our study of God's Word, stand taller in our witness for the Saviour and climb higher in the realms of faith.

The biography of Dr. Bill Woods gives us such a role model. Born, reared and educated in Belfast, Bill went to Brazil's Amazon as a missionary, became overwhelmed with the suffering of thousands and dedicated to his life to relieve that suffering. En route to reach his goals Bill also suffered and paid a great price of loneliness which his dedication demanded. His work has been acclaimed by medical and civil authorities both in Latin America and the United Kingdom. This book will touch and inspire you and at times will make you laugh or cry.

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