Thursday, 1 December 2011

Book of the Week: Christ As Seen In The Offerings

by R.F. Kingscote.

Why study the offerings? "I have so much to study: the Gospels, the epistles!" If you miss the offerings you'll miss plumbing more fully the depths and riches of the person and work of Christ.

This little, easy-to-read series of studies on the Levitical Offerings pulsate with devotion to Christ. Your interest will be drawn immediately to the author's engaging style and your heart will be warmed as the full meaning of what Christ means, first to God and then to His people, is unfurled.

"My intention is to take up, in a simple way, as the Lord may help me, some of the offerings mentioned in the book of Leviticus; because they set forth, in a special manner, the person and the work of the Lord Jesus Christ; and also, we may add, the blessings which have become ours through what He has done." - the author.

The Crimond Classics series are timeless volumes reprinted for a new generation. Each one has been painstakingly retypeset for a fresh, modern look. We trust they will prove to be of value for today's reader.
Author Biography
Robert F. Kingscote (1811-1893) was a captain in the Royal Lancers, but left the army following his conversion. Born of the old Kingscote family of Gloucestershire, he was a great friend of the Duke of Cambridge, cousin to Queen Victoria. He was the author of numerous pamphlets, but was most famous for a series of addresses on "the offerings," given at Park Street, London. He took part in the funeral service of J.N. Darby.

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