Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Book of the Week: The Heart of a Woman Who Prays

A 100,000+ copies bestseller from Elizabeth George is made even better with a new cover and the addition of a study guide!

The question every believer asks#whether new in Christ or a seasoned veteran#is, How can I be more effective in my prayer life? When it comes to talking to God about people and life-issues, there#s always room for growth.

Which is why The Heart of a Woman Who Prays is such a significant resource for Christian women at all stages of faith. With Scripture, ideas, and practical advice, Elizabeth provides the inspiration, motivation, and step-by-step guidance to help a woman utilize prayer to...

stabilize her emotions and perspective when life is unstable
apply God#s promises to her problems
talk to God about family and friends
discover and carry out God#s plan for her life
count on God#s provision through hard times

Includes a study guide helpful for both individuals and groups.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Book of the Week: The Transforming Power of the Gospel

by Jerry Bridges.

The apostle Paul writes that we are to be transformed, but for many Christians, figuring out how to approach spiritual transformation can be elusive. Bestselling author Jerry Bridges helps us understand that we have available to us the ultimate power source for true spiritual growth: the gospel. In The Transforming Power of the Gospel, Bridges guides you through a thorough examination of: • what the biblical meaning of grace is and how it applies to your life • how Jesus' work in His life and death applies to the believer in justification and adoption • why basic spiritual disciplines are necessary for spiritual growth • what role the Holy Spirit plays in both definitive and progressive sanctification